Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Heading To Iowa

Today I leave, with my husband, to Iowa. He is the keynote speaker at the Night to Honor Israel being held in Davenport. They've given him 40 mins which is a long time. He will also be able to have his book available. I'm proud of him!

Last night was choir practice. What a challenge every week. We are always learning new songs and immediately singing them on Sunday. My husband and I are the only two, um, well let's just say we add color in the choir :D We have loved every minute too. We've always done music and we have our own band 'Wild Branches', but this is new for us. Gospel is rather tricky to my little ears!
This Sunday my husband will be leading the song 'Souled Out' by Hezekiah Walker. It is such a fun song and the choir sounds sooo good! My husband is rather nervous, but I know he can do it.

Speaking of music, my kids are often annoyed because me and my husband sing about any situation going on. Today I am stumped. There are no songs about Iowa!! Iowans, get busy!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

How I got here

I moved to the 'hood on November 12th 1988. My husband, Victor, and I got married that day and since he lived here, I got to live here too. I grew up in East Sacramento, right across the street from McKinley Park. Though we had hard times because my parents divorced, I'm grateful that I grew up in a safe and beautiful neighborhood.
Moving to Oak Park was an adjustment and in the early years I had a lot to get used to. There were about 3 homes that were condemned on our block, some apartments with just-released- from-jail tenants, prostitutes and eccentrics.
We made our home here and raised 4 kids here. Two are my step-sons. They are grown and married and on their own. Two are the kids I helped to 'make' Simon, 18 and in college. Sterling, 15 and in her jr year of high school.
The street we live on now is very diverse. I really like it that way. Never a dull moment in the 'hood.
Recently, we got rid of a group of people a few doors down, who were selling drugs and pimping and being prostitutes. As a result, a group of us moms have formed a Neighborhood Watch group. I named us "Band of Mothers" We want to keep the bad guys out and make it safe for families to enjoy their street.