Monday, February 15, 2010

Crazy Mexican? I'll Show You a Crazy Mexican!

This morning I was leaving to pick up my daughter at the airport. As I'm walking down the sidewalk, my neighbor, Jennifer (one of the Band of Mothers) stops me and asks if I heard about the crazy guy hanging around our street? "No, what crazy guy?"

Turns out, last night in the alley, a guy was acting strange and hanging out back there. This morning he was back on our block looking at all of the children and talking to them.

Now, we have over 50 kids on our street-I know, it sounds like I'm exagerating, but I assure you I am not. All of them seemed to be out today because of the great weather.

So this Mexican guy has a rope and is acting like he is going to lasso someone and he tells a couple of the boys "I'm going to come back at midnight and get you." All of the kids start hiding behind cars and he starts yelling at them.

Finally, the kids alert the adults and Jennifer calls the police. She is going out in her car to see if she can find him. I head back inside and tell Victor to keep an eye out and that the police are looking for a strange guy etc.

Victor heads outside and a bunch of the fathers are watching over the kids now. He talks to Ahfros and they jump into a car together and start diving around looking for the dude.

It isn't long before Victor and Ahfros see the guy and the police have him handcuffed and are going through his bag. He had a rope and binoculars!!

Scary, very scary.
We are truly thankful nothing bad happened.

Victor suggested to Ahfros that they start a reality show about a Muslim and a Christian guy that are bounty hunters...


  1. love it. i agree with bucky, i would for sure watch that show.

  2. Wow! What a story! The bounty hunters would DEFINITELY have to have a female sidekick! She would be the leader of the posse.
    SO thankful this story ended well.