Monday, February 1, 2010

I Like to Think He was Cowering

I drove home one day after running some errands. I have my two really young children with me. I walk in the front door and realize that WE'VE BEEN ROBBED!

Quickly I, without any panic so as not to scare my kids, backed out and go call the police. My sister, Julie, lives across the street and she has a great big Rottweiler. We take the dog through the house to make sure that the thief is gone-he is.

He got my jewelry, including my wedding ring, and he got a credit card.
There was a pile of our belongings stacked up looking ready to go.

As I walk through my house and out the back door, the woman from next door tells me that a man walked into our house. I ask if she called the police and she says "No." Oh well.

Neighbors come out and we talk. I find out that there was a small fender-bender in front of our house earlier and we realize that when the accident happened, and everyone came out to help, the guy robbing us got scared and left out the back door.

We canceled our card and the police took our report. Then we were left feeling really, really, um, strange.

The next morning the mother of some wild kids down the street, comes over. She tells us not to say anything to anyone, but that the guy who robbed us has tried to use our credit card at a gas station. The guy's name is Jose and he lives in a house a block away. She knows this because her wild teenagers heard from Jose himself. We thank her and feel a little better just knowing a bit more info.

As the week goes on, I start to get hit by a wave of fear-in my own house. Victor and I get concerned because our young kids are also scared. This makes us mad. Victor tells Sterling over and over again that if he ever sees Jose, he will push him to the ground, put his foot on his chest and tell him "Do you want to go to church or do you want to go to jail?" She starts to repeat the story with a twist. She says "Dad, you will tell Jose 'Do you want to go to church or do you want to DIE!'"

Gotta love that.

Well, after a week of feeling fearful, I get the overwhelming feeling that I should just go over to the Jose's house and ask him for our stuff back. I know where he lives and I want to look the guy in the face--eye to eye. I call Victor at work and tell him to pray for me that I am going to pay Jose a visit. Victor tries to discourage me, but in the end he can't stop me. I won't be dissuaded. He prays for me and off I go. Seriously.

It is the middle of a sunny day. I walk down to the guys house. I stand there for a minute, sizing it up. Here goes nothing: bang, Bang, BANG! "Jose! Are you here? Jose?". Pause. "JOSE?!!" Bang, bang, BANG!

Quiet. No one comes to the door. I don't hear any movement. I wonder if anyone is home. After standing there on his doorstep for a moment, I turn to go home.

On my walk back home, the weight of fear is gone-thank God.

Later on the sense of wanting to see Jose and talk to him, lifts. He is a coward. I don't need to fear him. I don't need to confront him either. I like to imagine that he was cowering in his home while I was knocking at his door...

Man! I hate to be afraid.

I really hate to have my kids fearful.

"You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble;
You shall surround me with songs of deliverance." Ps 32:7



  1. I've twice experienced that startling feeling coming home to a place that has been ransacked. That fear and anger can be hard to shake -- glad yours is gone.

  2. That Sterling girl has not fallen far from the tree!

  3. wow.............marita....I thank God you all were safe....I pray this never happens again..if it does, DON'T GO TO THE MANS HOUSE!! LOLOL girl you are as crazy as me! Love ya...stay safe!
    -Christina Sekou

  4. You are my hiding place; You shall preserve me from trouble;
    You shall surround me with songs of deliverance. Ps 32:7

  5. Karlo, I am glad too.
    Anon, Sterling is a nut-like me!
    Christina, I won't make it a habit ;)
    Thanks Ericka!