Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday Program

Last night was Samuel's Holiday Program. He is in 3rd grade.

While I was waiting for the BIG SHOW, I over-heard this conversation:

Woman to mother: "How intoxicated are you?"


Daughter: "Just how intoxicated are you? I can smell it!

Right then, yes it hit me.

I also brought Ella to the show. She is Sam's little sister who is in kindergarten. I had to break some tough news to grandpa Victor. During the program, the crowd was clapping to some of the music and, sadly, it was then that I realized the beautiful girl, um, is rhythmically challenged. This isn't a fatal flaw though. In case you are wondering.

While I'm writing of Christmas and holidays, I must write that I have been trying to put the 'fun' back into dysfunctional. This year, the pot has been stirred (as far as family relations go) and it really doesn't feel that good. It is making me pray a lot and hope for the future. I actually did something I never do: shop with my ipod in my ears! I felt like I just needed to listen to some praise music and refocus on the Lord. I played the song by Bishop Larry Trotter 'When You Praise' a bunch.

Part of the words are 'When you praise Him, things begin to happen. When you praise Him circumstances change. When you praise Him, blessings are released!'

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