Monday, December 28, 2009

...And a Merry Christmas Was Had by All

Well we had a whirl-wind of Good Tidings and such around our house.

First off, we had a great Christmas party with the Center of Praise choir coming over. We ate some delicious food and read the Christmas story. Dr Ronn Elmore was the reader and Victor played his guitar and at certain parts of the story, we would sing a carol together. It was so nice to slow down and get focused on the true meaning of this holiday. I wish all of you could have been there...

Christmas Eve we had a 'Present Extravaganza'. Every year, somehow, the Lord has given us a way to bring presents to all of the Pakistani kids in our neighborhood. Being that they are Muslim and don't celebrate Christmas, they really look forward to it. This year our dear friends the Dittmore's sent us fuzzy blankets, gloves, shoes, toys and I don't know what all--God bless them! I wish I had a picture to post with this story, but I was in the house cooking up a storm and I was dead-dog tired!

Later that evening, we heard some skidding tires right outside our house. I went out to look and our neighbor yelled "Call the police, someone just stole our car!" Oh boy! Our neighbors had just pulled into their driveway and got out to open the garage door and move a bike out of the way. The engine was running and quick as anything, a guy jumped in and drove off! It still hasn't been recovered. Bold. Very bold.

Christmas morning was spent at my step-son Asher's house. He and his wife, Janice had her side of the family over also. This was especially fun because there were lots of young kids over and they were bouncing all around and very excited.

We have known Janice's family for a long time. A funny story: When Victor was in his 'rock 'n roll' days, his band, Waterfall, moved into Bob and Rachel's neighborhood. (Bob and Rachel are Janice's parents) They reached out to the band and shared the love of God with them. None of the band came to Christ during their stay in that neighborhood, but it wasn't from a lack of trying. Victor remembers seeing Bob across the street and Bob would yell out "Praise the Lord, Victor!" and Victor would shout back "Smoke pot, Bob!" Great memories...

It was while at Asher's, I learned something that I'm still thinking about. There was different music playing and since Janice got her parents tickets to see the musical 'Wicked', the song 'Defying Gravity' was on. The music went on to play a random song called 'Hate on Me'. My son, Simon said "This is our family's theme song." and Sterling chimed in "Yes, it is!" I said "What do you mean by that?" and they proceeded to tell me that people hate our family. "What? Why?" They told me it is because sometimes, when we help people, " just makes them hate us."

Wow...I think it is exagerated, but they have seen some bad behavior at times.

Oh, I don't want to end on a bad note. And I won't because we still have to serve people and let the Lord worry about the outcome. Our family has helped plenty of people and they were very grateful and love us for it.

Part of the song says "I gotta do me." As in, 'I have to do what I know is right and I won't quit.'
Jesus, certainly, was the BEST at this!

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