Saturday, December 12, 2009


Yesterday, I helped our church hand out boxes of food, toiletries and Avon to women in my neighborhood of Oak Park. The charity that Center of Praise worked with is called Wellspring. Wellspring feeds women and children every morning and gives them a nice place to relax.

They do a great work. It was nice to help the families that came through. The children were precious and had that 'this is a special day' look in their eyes.

After each woman received her boxes to take home, then we would ask if we could pray for them and we invited them to come Sunday to church.

I have to add that most of the women that came through were truly in need. You could see in their eyes the hard life they lead. These women have it really tough out there. My heart went out to the moms who had lots of kids. It made me think of how I grew up with just my mom raising us. It was a struggle. Very hard.

SOME on the other hand, pulled up to collect their boxes in shiny new SUV's. What is that about?! about ghetto!

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