Monday, January 18, 2010

I Thought All Hell Was 'Bout To Break Loose!

Last Thursday night at the Arco Arena I took my kids to see Madea's Big Happy Family. It is a play by Tyler Perry and in it he plays a woman named Madea-kind of a take on 'my dear'.
Madea, an older woman, has strict standards of respecting yourself and your elders. When she misunderstands what a character says and thinks that there was some disrespect toward her, she has to ask again what that character has said. When she finally understands she will say something like "Oh, I thought you were being disrespectful to me and all hell was 'bout to break loose!"

I like Madea for many reasons. She is edgy. She packs 'heat' in her handbag. She isn't a real faithful church-going woman, yet she will bust out with wisdom. It is so funny when she tries to quote scripture-it is always a mix of parables and OT stories. She does get her point across though.

All of the people that are in Tyler Perry's productions can sing like you've never heard! Each person at some point in the play sings a solo and it blows you away. Such talent.

Oh, and do NOT be late to his play. He is known for breaking character and asking you why you were late! Sure enough, it happened Thursday night. (We were in the second row by the way)

Madea stops.
"Here you are, you've paid all of this money to sit up front and now you are stepping over folks!"

"Why are you late?"
"Where did you come from?"

"Quit taking pictures-you know it isn't allowed-see that man over there, security? He's gonna snatch you!"

This was my 3rd Tyler Perry play that I've seen live. I think he is a good man who cares about young people, his own community and encouraging people in their faith. This particular production was in honor of his mother who just recently passed away. It was really a touching story emphasising how important a mothers faithful prayers for her children are-he made me cry!

Thanks for the early Valentine, Mr Perry!

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  1. Love it!

    Sure which I had been there with ya'll.
    Next time fo sho.