Saturday, January 9, 2010

New Neighbors and JW's

This week we've had two houses on our block looked at by potential buyers or renters. This is always something to make note of for The Band of Mothers. We are concerned that the homes get filled with GOOD neighbors. One of the houses being looked at is the house that just got cleaned up by us. I really hope that our reputation has preceeded us-that we will be very nosy. We are just not going to let harm come to our kids.

In other news, I took Victor to the airport before dawn. He is heading to the North East and left with a big cold-bummer. He speaks tomorrow morning at a church. They want to learn about CUFI. I hope he feels better in the morning. He will be going to Connecticut, Pennsylvania, DC and New York.

Some Jehovahs Witnesses came to the door today-Oy. I am not good at talking to them. The man had a small boy with him and he was the cutest! Before the father got too far into his talk, I asked if we could just say "Jesus is Lord!" together so that I would know that the Spirit of God was living inside of the man. I started saying, enthusiastically "Jesus is Lord!" and the little boy chimed right in. I thought that was pretty great especially since I wasn't talking to the little guy.

Overall I don't think I did very well with the man. When he left, his wife had come up and she was mad and I just had a funky feeling. I prayed for them and for me.

Today is day 6 of the Daniel fast. I'm doing good on it, but today I made a salad for a get-together and I don't like it. I am contemplating whether to take it to the gathering or not...
New recipes are being tried a lot at our house. Most have been really great and I will add them to our family's regular menu.

Hoping for good things coming down the line.

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  1. Jesus is Lord!

    Good job of "checking the oil" Miss Marita.
    Was the man at the door able to proclaim with you...or just the little guy?

    You are my hero.